Thursday, January 20, 2011

One less cookie in my life.

 I started a post last week on a double chocolate chunk cookie recipe.
I took pictures of all the steps, creaming butter and sugar, a chopping board full of chocolate chunks, the cut cookies ready to go in the oven. The finished product.
There was only one problem. This was a new recipe. It wasn't one I had tried before. They turned out puffy, dry and just plain boring.
 All that work for nothing.
 Because the glass is half full, or in this case even a sad cookie is better than no cookie at all.
I'm thankful that I only made a half recipe.
The chocolate chunks in them were still good.
I get to write in my cookbook. I like to rate my recipes. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
My baby girl loved them. She loves anything that she can get into her mouth, but I'm taking what I can get here.

 The moral of this story is. Just make Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Everyone will appreciate it more.


  1. Oh. It is so frustrating to me when what I bake doesn't turn out. I burned half my coookies the other day with a new cookie sheet I bought. Ho hum.

  2. I love Mrs. Fields! :) I guess it's just trial and error with this. I made cookies as hard as a rock this one time. lol.

    Please do come over and join my international giveaway!

  3. Mrs. Fields is wonderful!!

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