Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small Renovations

  We're getting an office. Well sort of. When we moved into this house. There was a small room off the kitchen with a shower in it. Yes, a shower. There also was a tiny, freezing cold closet under the stairs with a toilet in it and no sink, but that's another story. We used it as a bedroom for the first few months while the upstairs was being drywalled and painted. I admit it was nice to have a shower right in our room, but it wasn't very practical. The room was just too small.
Since we moved upstairs, the room and the shower have been used for storage.
Today that all changed. Jeremy decided that he needed an office. So he moved everything from the storage room into the living room.

 The moral of this story is, never complain about laptops and printers being on the kitchen table. Because the solution might just create a need for 5 new closets, or at the very least an unused shower to stuff things in.


  1. Haha! Good luck with all your furniture/office endeavors! lol

  2. sounds like here we keep moving stuff around trying to figure out what will work best where, and making a mess while knowing that it will be over and stuff will have a place to do someday, somewhere!

  3. New follower thanks for stopping by my blog !!! awesome office with a shower !!

  4. why would someone put a shower there? how weird. congrats on the office and thanks for the tortilla recipe.

    i thought you might be interested in entering my 83-piece makeup palette and nail polish giveaway!

  5. Good Luck! I would love to have an office.

  6. A shower in the kitchen? That's so random lol!

  7. @ Marie it was random, at least there was a door :p.
    @ Cheryl -Thanks


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