Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines Decorations

 I'm looking for Valentines Day Ideas.
Something special to do on Valentines day that isn't super traditional, but nice enough to be special.
One of my sisters said that she was going to make heart shaped pizza for her valentine. I might do something like that, maybe some heart shaped lasagna. What do you think? Weird, or sweet?

 In my quest for Valentines Day art. I made these and hung them all in a row on the beam in my kitchen.

I used a tutorial I found online. You can find it here

Do you have any easy Valentines Day DIY decorating ideas?
Or any cheesy, heart shaped food ideas? (No pun intended)


  1. My mom in law will be here this year so natch, I must come up with something good!
    I like heart shaped pizza, sounds really cute.
    Of course, Vday breakfast is almost always heart pancakes!

  2. Does your MIL not like Valentines Day?

    Mmmh, pancakes are a great idea, and not too hard to do.


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