Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 Small Gifts

 I'm sure you've all read the lists of nice things you can do to surprise your husband. Most relationship books have ideas on how to show your love in small ways.
A lot of them start with ideas like, "Fill up his car with gas. So he doesn't have to." Those are the kind of things I'm talking about. I'd love to fill up my husbands truck for him, but it's a standard and I can barely drive an automatic. That's one of the great shameful secrets of my life. I can't drive.
Anyway the point of all this is that I'm going to do something special, something extra for my husband for 7 days. And I'm going to tell you how it goes.

#1, Tuesday. It's cold here, still winter, snowing outside. We keep our house cool.
Our room is freezing. For the extra special thing I warmed up his spot in bed so he wouldn't have freezing cold blankets. He saw me and thought it was sabotage. He was sure I did something to it. Maybe thumb tacks under the sheets? Or some thing slimy like cold spaghetti? I don't know what he was thinking. I'm his wife after all. Plus I do the laundry.

#2, Wednesday. I wore contact lenses instead of glasses. And did my hair and makeup.  He noticed and said I looked pretty. :):):):):):)

 Do you have any good ideas for small surprises? I'd love to hear them, maybe get some new ideas.


  1. let him sleep in a extra 10 minutes!!!!! or 20 or 2 hours, whatever works best!

    Great him after a long day with his favorite drink and snack food, and let him play a game ot watch tv or something like that.

    put chocolate n his pillow, oh wait he should do that to you!!!!

  2. Be really excited when he gets home from work. Do the whole movie scene thing and run out the door and kiss him like crazy.

  3. I'm no wifey but I sure do know some little things men like:

    1. A surprise candle-light dinner with his favorite meal.
    2. A love letter hidden under his pillow.
    3. Chocolate! Yes, men love chocolate too!
    4. Breakfast in bed.
    5. Steal his cell phone, upload a family picture of you, him and your daughter to it, and set it as his wallpaper.
    6. This one's really sweet - wear your wedding gown, dress up as a bride, and propose to him when he gets home!

  4. Renee...I do that once in a while. And then make him "real" breakfast.
    Emilie-lol. I don't know what he would think. Maybe I will try it.
    Rizzie- I love the wedding dress idea. So going to try it.

    I just realized I never finished this. He went to Quebec in the middle of the week and wasn't around for me to do anything to, good or bad :p.


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