Sunday, March 6, 2011

Potlucks Hit or Miss?

 It was ethnic food potluck day at church. I admit *sorry ladies* that I was sceptical of the whole idea. We're a bunch of Caucasian Canadians that live in a rural area where the most ethnic food around is the box of beef Taquitos in the freezer section of our local grocery store.
 I was wrong, so wrong. The food was simply amazing. Someone made a Curried Chicken dish, Spaetzle, Curried Eggs, Pumpernickel Bread, a Mexican pie that was all cheesy and delicious, scalloped potatoes with sauerkraut in them. There were these little beef rolls with asparagus in them. I forget what they were called.
And then there were the desserts! A huge German Chocolate Cake, Kolaches, a delicious German Chocolate Pie. Baklava, I even got to take some home! And my very favorite a delicious flan.

  Now what I made.
Pride goes before a flop. Yes, it does. I thought we couldn't do it. They could. I couldn't. I will be quiet from now on...Well for the next two minutes.
I decided to make a Black Forest Cake. I love making cakes and never have an excuse to make them.  I tried to make it as authentic as possible, using simple syrup and authentic thin cake layers.
I made the cake, bought the cream and cherries. I was going to assemble it early Sunday morning so the cherries wouldn't discolour the cream.
 I made the simple syrup, and got everything out to whip the cream. I poured three quarters of the cream into a chilled bowl and started whipping.  My cream simply wouldn't whip. It would NOT whip. I tried and tried. I switched the beaters on the mixer. I tried again with the remaining cream. No luck. What was I going to do? All this cake and no cream. I checked to see if I had any eggs. I had one, single, solitary egg and lots of milk. I made a little custard and cooled it right away. Then I mixed the custard with, dare I say it Dream Whip. I layered the cake with the mixture and the cherries.  
And for the top, the beautiful top, supposed to be covered in whipped cream rosettes. I glopped the rest of the cherries on it. 
The End!

 Have you ever had any really disappointing food flops? 
 An occasion where you had to eat your words? (Couldn't resist)


  1. ethnic food, I now I'm craving all sorts of good thing, like curry coconut rice, Naan bread, chicken masala and some curried lamb, ok ok I have to stop craving Indian, or my grocery list will be too long this week!

    I'm a Caucasian Canadians that live in a rural area with a mother that taught her idea of spicy food is having a bit of black pepper on her potatoes, but my palate has always been more ethnic!!! Bring on the spice and flavor anytime baby!!!!

    The only flop is my Poterbello mushroom burger, that is the only thing that Harry told be to never never never try to make again, sure I give it a shot, I liked it, but he did not!!!!

  2. @Mrs Stam
    I really like the idea of a Portabello Mushroom Burger, but I bet that Jeremy wouldn't appreciate it very much.
    Naan bread sounds so good. I haven't had it in ages

  3. All these foods sound so delicious! I don't cook or bake often, but I remember when I was around 5 years old I tried making jello, but it ended up tasting like water in gel form lmao.

  4. Harry and I went to the Asian Garden for my birthday, that got my Asian food craving done right !!!! It's was soooo good, and there spice mutton was tender and so delicious, LOVED it!!!! have you ever eaten there ????

  5. So nice! I'm sure it was lovely. I've been there once with Wendy. I've had curried chicken and amazing Naan.

  6. I remember making a black forest cake that completely fell apart, and I rescued it by making it into a white forest cake--covered in cool whip! I still sold it for a good price in the church cake auction. No one knew!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. God does work in wonderful ways!

  7. It is funny the way you tell it, though!

    Every single time my mother in law comes to visit, I forget how to cook.
    I have been a wife and mother for nearly two decades,cooked hundreds, no, thousands of meals but when she is around...I flop.
    This last time I made my (usually) delish ham and mushroom spaghetti. My goodness, everything went wrong, it was so awful hub raised his eyebrows at me after the first bite. I gave him the look, and he praised it and ate, kids too, on my side.
    But,oh, it was awful.
    If I think back to the two or three times a year I have botched dinner when she has visited, it is no wonder she ALWAYS.EVERY.YEAR.
    sends hub 3 $20.00 gift cards to Subway,Sonic,and Mcd's. Yep, the Arches are better at nourishing her son than I am.:)

  8. @ Audrey That must have been such a letdown to your 5 year old self. So looking forward to Yummy Jello, and it didn't work.
    @ruthhill74 Good for you! It bet it looked amazing.
    @mhoward Hahaha, that's hilarious and awful at the same time.
    It's funny that she sends him gift cards for fast food.
    I think I would be just a teeny bit annoyed.



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