Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bucket List

 I think the idea of a Bucket List is a nice idea. A set of goals and aspirations, big dreams and little ones.
Not that it would make me any less of a person if I didn't complete the things on the list. That's one of the good things about being God's. Bucket list *thhhbt*
  These are not in order of importance.
1. I would like to have a small, neat flower bed with tulips in it.
2. In the same vein. I would like my watermelons to actually grow this year or next...
3. I would like to own a pair of fabulous designer shoes. Jimmy Choo's please.
4. A tattoo (This one will probably never happen because I am a wimp.)
5. The ability to make perfectly flaky croissants.
6. Brown eyes.
7. Sometime I want to make a 4 or more layer fondant cake. And it must look amazing.
8. Perfect meatballs.
9. A cute, little, pastel coloured dress, high heels, pearls and a hoover vacuum.
Maybe secretly I just want to be Martha Stewart. Do you think? Nah. She doesn't have brown eyes either.
10. Make Jeremy blush in public.
11. A Volkswagon Beetle.
12. To be part of a flash mob.
13... 13's bad luck. It probably will backfire on me if I write it on here.

Ok that's enough for now.
How about you? Do you have any great aspirations or dreams that are bucket list material?


  1. #1 plant the bulb this fall :-) we have 5 getting ready to open soon :-)

    #2 put a tarp on top, more heat maybe would do the trick

    #4 you can have semi permanent one (they are paint that stay on you skin a while) no needles involve

    #6 contacts could do that :-)

    #9 sounds like fun, I would like that too :-)

    #10 hehehe :-)

  2. cool bucket list. i'd love to be a part of a flash mob too!

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  3. I already have dark brown eyes but wouldn't a VW Beetle be fun! Cute list and I'm all for those shoes. Gorgeous!!

  4. nice bucket list, I love meatballs and yeah I'd love to own a pair of fab designer shoes too! Louboutins!! one day :D

  5. Those Jimmy choos are fabulous!! And I think your right they are called sling backs!

    Some of my goals are to travel through Europe, travel through Asia and own a birkin Heheh

  6. oh I love this! Fab pics x

    Style, Celebs and Fashion

  7. lovely list! i'd love to have something other than brown eyes haha

    hope you'll visit back

  8. -Renee we did try black plastic last year. It's just too cold here. If there was no needles I would totally consider it.
    Ohtobeamuse- Thank You
    MNM- Yes :)
    Missy-Thanks, it was fun.
    MaryLee-Totally visit.



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