Monday, April 18, 2011

I failed... God doesn't, Amen

 The assignment for our Mom's group was to prepare for Sunday. To prepare our hearts and minds, and lives.
I was doing pretty well at the beginning of the week.
And then the middle of the week came, and I got busy, had to work and just plain ran out of time.
 Sunday morning I got up early to find Sophia's shoes and get everything ready for church. (Should have done this on Saturday.)
Jeremy and Sophia were still sleeping and I had time so while I was waiting I listened to a sermon
Because God is a merciful God. He sometimes pokes our consciences. It was the last sermon in the series. The pastor started out saying the whole point of all of these sermons was to make us a praying people. And prayer was to make us realize we must rely on God all the time, and if we don't rely on him all the time. Then essentially we're saying that we trust in other things, ourselves, money, skills... 
And that's what I had been doing.  Trusting in things, not God. 
What a waste of time!
 Mom's group is only happening next week so I have a whole nother week to prepare :).

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I am so glad to pass by your blog! I had a great devotional time yesterday and God put in my heart to draw near to Him. It was wonderful to hear the still small voice of God!

    Hope your Mom's group went well :)


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