Saturday, July 2, 2011

Homemade Fondant

Last week I was looking for a recipe on that used marshmallows.
I came across this Marshmallow Fondant recipe. It looked like a fun recipe to try out and I had never made fondant before. Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to try it out. I read at least a hundred of the comments before attempting it. I'm not too sure of myself when it comes to fiddly things like this. The comments on the recipe were mostly reassuring so I went ahead.
I made a plain white cake, soaked it in rum flavoured simple syrup and filled it with a whipped chocolate ganache.
Then came the messy part. I rolled and I squished. It was a very satisfying squish too. Like paying with playdough but yummier.
This is the end result. I had the cake part in the fridge before I covered it and now it's a little bit condensed on. Did I make a mistake? Ahhh! It's too late now anyways. Have you tried to cover a cake in fondant? Did it turn out like you were hoping?

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