Thursday, May 17, 2012

New glasses

Sophia is turning out to be quite the little lady. She's really into playing dress up, raiding my scarf drawer, wearing my shoes, and my sunglasses. She's turning into me! That's just a teeny bit scary.

The pose however, is her very own.
I'm getting some new glasses that she may not borrow from Firmoo. It's an online glasses company that makes prescription glasses an accessible fashion statement.
Like these
I'm not getting that pair. I wanted to, but they have an online glasses-try-on program and I look like a wise little owl with those.
I'll post pictures of my new ones when they come.
Tell me, would you wear those super glamorous sunglasses? Or would you go for something more understated.


  1. I'd wear them with an Audrey Hepburn type outfit. Classy!

  2. I can see you wearing them Emilie.


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