Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ImPRESS Manicure

 By now you know that I'm part of the #influenster club and sometimes I get fun things in the mail to try out.
Last week I got a little box with two #imPRESSmanicure sets from Broadway Nails.

 I thought it would be nice to try them out because nail polish never stays on my nails for more than a few hours so maybe stick on nails would be the answer to fabulous looking fingers.
The colours I received were Pick Me and Over the Moon. I choose the "Pick Me" pink ones to try first.

I have very small, short nails so I choose 10 of the smallest ones for my fingers. Each package contains 24 nails so you can choose the sizes you need.
 They were fairly easy to apply, just peel and stick. The problem came with the length, since my nails are so short the glue was longer than my actual nail. Nothing says glamorous like lint collecting nails. And trimming them was a disaster because of the glue.
 Without trimming

They lasted through breakfast, cookie making, and one baby's bath. And then the first one fell off. By supper time I had lost two more. 
So all in all, they were fun for a few hours. I would wear them for a party, or a special date after I let my nails grow a little bit.
They cost $8.99 $10.99 a package.

 What do you think of them? Have you ever tried stick on nails? 

Disclosure I received these nails from Influenster and Broadway nails for testing purposes. Opinions are my own. 


  1. Hahaha I was complaining about them being too short and you are trimming them
    Apart from the lint collecting glue, they look really good on you long

  2. Pick Me is really pretty! I received Over The Moon too and really liked the design but they didn't work for me. I'm the opposite, my nails are too long.

  3. really? they only lasted that long? that sucks :(

    and seriously trimming them, why didn't I think of that?!

  4. They look really nice, but if they don't last very long I don't think I would try them. I can't keep nail polish on my fingernails either. They feel like they are choking and nail polish chips usually within an hour. The toe nails might work though. Nail polish stays on them for a couple of months.

  5. I thought they were a perfect length for me. My sister thought they were too long also and she trimmed them. The Pick me would be great to wear on a tropical trip.

  6. Hmm.... not sure I like that style. Did you find they looked nice in person?


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